Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mediterranean Omelet

The morning after we made the Mediterranean pizza, my Mom and I used the left over turkey-sausage/tomato/spinach mixture and made one heck of an omelet.

We also used a cooking technique we saw Paula Dean (food network) use to make a 'no-mess-omelet'.

*4 large eggs- beaten,
*Any left over amount sausage mixture from the Mediterranean pizza recipe
*A handful of sharp cheddar
*light sprinkle of salt and pepper

What we did:

Beat the eggs and pour them into a large resealable bag. Pour in the handful of sausage mixture, the handful of cheddar cheese, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
Close the resealable bag, letting out most of the air.

Start to boil water in a pot big enough to hold the bag of omelet mixture. When the water comes to a boil drop the bag into the water. Let the hot water cook the egg mixture until eggs are fully cooked. If the bag begins to fill with hot air, just open a small hole in the resealable bag.

It might take a little longer, for this big omelet it took 40 minutes for the omelet to fully cook, but there is no clean-up afterwards. We just cut the bag away from the omelet and served it up. This serving fed all three of us (Mom, Dad and myself) easily.

We also served this awesome omelet with some turkey goetta and toast.
Hope you enjoy this wonderful breakfast.